Connie Lynn West L.M.T. - Healing Practitioner
Home/Room Energy Clearing
Many of us have a hard time letting go of things in our homes
and closets!  I have experienced this myself a lot!
Removing "things" from areas in our homes, clears the energy
of that area and makes room in our home and life for "new" things or people to appear and transform us.  Doesn't that
sound like an exciting process?
Well, if that sounds exciting and yet overwhelming to you--I am ready to jump in there and work with you to do just that!
Call me and let's discuss a time to have me come over to  help your home!

$180 for 3 hours
$250 for 5 hours



I also do negative energy clearing in homes, offices or rooms.  Using sage and a Tibetan Bowl to clear the negative and create positive and spiritual energy in the place of that we remove!

$120 (includes travel fee and indoor/outdoor clearing)
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